FUN-omenal™ is pronounced the same as phenomenal. Google defines phenomenal as 'very remarkable; extraordinary.' I define FUN-omenal™ as 'WAY better than phenomenal; funtastic; funtabulous; best of the best.' Now, you know. So, go be FUN-omenal™!

– Tony Brigmon

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The FUN-omenal™ Workplace

Energizing People & Culture with the Positive Power of FUN!

This interactive session provides a unique opportunity for participants to have fun together and learn together with Tony Brigmon, former Ambassador of FUN for Southwest Airlines in the 1980’s. 

The FUNomenal™ Workplace presentation combines interactive, fun-filled elements with engaging stories and positivity best practices.

It is grounded in the framework of the 3 E‘s: Energize-Engage-Enrich. Additionally, the 3 Views: PreView. HereView. ReView are employed — all designed to help participants kick-start their day in a positive way, navigate their way through their day in a more productive and less stressful way, and to end their day in the best possible way.

The FUNomenal positivity best practices are associated with the  S.M.I.L.E. acronym, making them easy to remember. This means with practice, participants can be FUNomenal, too, and irresistibly attractive in their communications with others. Serious fun! Serious results!

“Powerful meetings and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive – just invite corporate-friendly humor, and let the good times (and great ideas) roll!” ~ Tony Brigmon

The FUN-omenal™ Way!

Unleash Your Resilience and Thrive!

In the past, Southwest Airlines faced a challenging decision when their competitors, Braniff International and Texas International, resorted to underhanded tactics such as booking fake reservations on Southwest flights. 

It was like a bad episode of a reality TV show, but with airplanes.

Rather than engaging in similar tactics, Southwest chose to take the high road. Their resilience and commitment to positivity ultimately led them to emerge victorious. 

The people of Texas, known for supporting the underdog, rallied behind Southwest, resulting in Braniff and Texas International filing for bankruptcy and exiting the competition. Talk about a plot twist.

In an engaging and informative presentation, Tony Brigmon, former Ambassador for Southwest Airlines in the 1980, shares positivity best practices based on the eight resilience principles highlighted in this wonderful tribute to Southwest Airlines Co-founder Herb Kelleher:  

“Herb Kelleher knew that if people are bound by love, are empowered to do the right thing, have the freedom to be themselves, follow the Golden Rule, work hard, have fun, remain humble — then they would be prepared to not just survive, but prevail through any challenge.” – Gary Kelly, CEO, Southwest Airlines

So, if you are ready to have some fun together and learn together, let’s embark on this journey together.

Join me as we explore how resilience can help you navigate through life’s challenges and emerge victorious.

“Resilience is your inner superhero, swooping in to save the day when life throws you a curveball – or a whole team of curveball-throwing villains!” ~ Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Topics for Your Review

Special Messages Tony Can Share, Plus Tailored Messages for You!

[Attitude and Employee Engagement]Altitude Meets Attitude: Unlocking the Potential of Employee Engagement”

Tony Brigmon is a keen observer of high-performance behavior and employee engagement, understanding the key drivers behind both.

Drawing from his experiences at Southwest Airlines and beyond, Tony sheds light on the power of a positive attitude in reaching new heights. He shares tried-and-true Best Practices that ignite a can-do/will-do/get-it-done mindset.

It’s not your location but your attitude that propels you to success. So, why not choose a winning attitude today? 

CHaving a positive attitude can truly make a difference in how high we can soar in life. It’s not about where we are physically, but rather where our mindset takes us. 

So let’s make the choice to have a winning attitude every day and watch how it propels us to new heights.

“Having a good attitude is like having a superpower. It can turn any challenge into an opportunity.” ~ Tony Brigmon


[CARE Principle] “From ‘They Don’t Care’ to ‘They CARE’: The Secret Weapon for Workplace Success” 

Imagine boosting your own well-being, strengthening relationships, and igniting teamwork – all while smashing your goals! That’s the power of the CARE Principle:

  • Caring for Self: Fuel your own energy and motivation by prioritizing your physical and mental health.
  • Acting with Respect: Build trust and understanding by valuing each other’s perspectives and contributions.
  • Responsibility and Accountability: Commit to your goals, hold yourself and others accountable, and celebrate successes together.
  • Enhancing the Experience: Go the extra mile for each other and your customers, creating a positive and memorable environment.

Ready to unlock a workplace filled with collaboration, joy, and peak performance? Dive into the CARE Principle and discover the “why” behind the “how.”

By implementing these strategies, you can inspire your team to push boundaries, hold each other accountable, and achieve peak performance at work – all while enjoying the journey!

“They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care – about them. Show it, so they know it, and they’ll help you grow it.” – Tony Brigmon


[Communication] “From Blah to Bam! The Communication Secrets to Captivate and Connect!”

Are you ready to become irresistibly attractive in your interactions with others? Look no further than this message, where you’ll learn the art of communication to energize, engage, and enrich your relationships.

Tony has learned from the best, and now he’s here to pass on what he learned to you. The more he shares, the more alive he feels – which means you’ll be a communication pro in no time. Get ready to charm the socks off everyone you meet!

“What you fail to communicate clearly, you will pay for dearly.” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Culture] “Unleashing the Power of Fun: Transforming Workplace Culture”

Welcome to the FUN-omenal Culture – where having fun and getting things done go hand in hand!

These proven culture Best-Practices are coming to your organization, and we’re here to ask: Are we having FUN yet?

Get ready for some serious results and serious FUN when Tony Brigmon, also known as “The Ambassador of FUN,” steps in with his one-of-a-kind motivational culture message.

Tony’s presentations are not your average snooze-fest – they’re interactive, filled with fun, and set to energizing music that will have you on your feet.

Tony’s mission is simple: to help you and your team become more energized, engaged, and enriched in your work.

By focusing on shared goals, mutual respect, and shared knowledge, Tony shows you how to create a culture that is not only happier and more productive but also attracts and retains top talent.

So, remember: when you mix FUN with Shared Goals and Mutual Respect, you’re on the fast track to unstoppable success.

Join us on this journey to a more vibrant and successful workplace – because who said work can’t be fun too?

“Think of fun as the WD-40 of workplace culture – it lubricates communication, reduces friction, and keeps everything running smoothly.” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Ethics] “Fake Reservations, Real Consequences: Why Not Being a Jerk is Good Business”

Back in the day, Southwest Airlines had a tough decision to make. Their competitors, Braniff International and Texas International, were playing dirty tricks by booking fake reservations on Southwest flights. It was like a bad episode of a reality TV show, but with airplanes.

Instead of stooping to their level, Southwest decided to take the high road. And guess what? They came out on top. Texans loved rooting for the underdog, and Braniff and Texas International ended up bankrupt and out of the game. Talk about a plot twist.

Lesson learned: taking the high road leads to high places, while the low road just gets you stuck in a ditch. In this presentation, Tony will show you how to create a moral code of ethics that will keep you soaring high and avoid crashing and burning.

“There’s no such thing as a little lie. Once discovered, it’s enough to turn a firehose of doubts on every truth expressed. Let’s strive for ethical excellence together.” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Innovation] “Dare to Imagine: Unlocking Innovation with the Power of FUN”

Southwest Airlines knew how to have a good time while getting things done. They cultivated a culture where positivity was the name of the game, allowing each team member to unleash their creativity and innovation.

This positive mindset not only helped them come up with better solutions faster than their competitors but also enabled them to tackle challenges head-on and bounce back quicker.

At Southwest, “fun” wasn’t just about goofing off – it was about creating a positive work environment that delivered real results. Tony Brigmon played a crucial role in shaping this culture, using his experience to inspire and guide others in fostering creativity and innovation within their teams.

Tony’s messages are a blend of engaging stories, interactive fun, positivity best practices, and corporate-friendly humor. The proven innovation best practices are based on the acronym F.U.N., making them easy to remember.

Tony believes that innovation is about seeing beyond the obvious and daring to imagine the impossible.

So go ahead, let your imagination run wild – you never know what groundbreaking ideas you might come up with.

“Don’t let innovation suffocate in silence! Speak up, ask for input, and celebrate the collective genius. Innovation blooms when we share and collaborate. Let’s make magic happen!” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Leadership] “From Nightmare to Dream Team: Unlocking the Power of FUN-omenal™ Leadership”

Tony Brigmon takes cues from Herb Kelleher, the Co-founder of Southwest Airlines, and his legendary “Team Dream – Dream Team” leadership style.

In this powerful message, Tony delves into the importance of injecting fun into the workplace to drive real results. He stresses the need for a positive, vibrant atmosphere where employees feel motivated to excel and collaborate seamlessly. Southwest Airlines proved it – fun isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a recipe for success.

Drawing from Southwest’s leadership playbook, attendees can level up their own leadership game. Tony urges leaders to inspire their teams by nurturing a culture of positivity and teamwork.

Tony’s leadership best practices are based on the acronym L.E.A.D., making them easy to remember.

As Tony wisely puts it, “If the Dream is not a Team Dream, you cannot have a Dream Team. But what you will have is a Nightmare, only this one will be Real.”

So, if you’re eager to revamp your leadership approach and cultivate a seriously enjoyable and efficient workplace, “From Nightmare to Dream Team: Unlocking the Power of FUN-omenal™ Leadership” is Tony’s deliverable message for you.

Get set to LEAD with a smile and witness your team reach new heights!

“Leadership isn’t about the title; it’s about uplifting others and creating a brighter future together.” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Productivity] “Unleash Your FUN-omenal™ Productivity Potential With the 5 C’s”

Are you ready for a sneak peek into the world of productivity like never before?

Introducing the ‘5 C’s of productivity’, a treasure trove of productivity best practices, carefully selected from Tony Brigmon’s time at Southwest Airlines and beyond.

Learn how to align your team, tackle challenges head-on, and turn both positive and negative experiences into valuable lessons for maximum personal and team productivity.

When it comes to productivity, accountability is key. “What are your plans? Will you let me know? When can we touch base? How did it go?” Make this your mantra and don’t forget to celebrate effort along the way.

“Don’t let the pursuit of productivity steal your joy. Find the balance between work and play, and you’ll look forward to every day!” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Safety] “Make It SAFE, Make It FUN, Get It DONE!: Your Winning Safety Formula”

Tony Brigmon once said, “It’s not what we don’t know that gets us in trouble. It’s what we forget when we’re under stress or what we let slide when we’re in a hurry.”

Details matter, especially when it comes to safety. Southwest Airlines knows this all too well, earning the title of the ‘safest’ airline with minimal delays and top customer satisfaction year after year, according to the FAA.

This program is designed to help organizations achieve the same level of excellence in safety, on-time performance, and overall satisfaction. And as Tony puts it, ‘It’s the Southwest Way: let’s have fun while we’re at it!’

Having trained employees at all levels of Southwest in the 1980’s, Tony knows how to connect with anyone. He brings his humor, positivity, and practicality to the sometimes daunting topic of safety.

In his one-of-a-kind safety presentation, Tony introduces the S.A.F.E. formula, drawing from his experience in human behavior and the best practices he learned at Southwest Airlines.

The goal of the message is to foster a positive safety culture within your team, re-energizing them to take ownership, work together, and continuously improve while holding each other accountable in a positive manner.

With a mix of humor, storytelling, and practical safety tips, Tony delivers an engaging presentation that will leave your attendees inspired.

“Until you make it safe for everyone, you can’t get the best from everyone. Make it SAFE. Make it FUN. Get it DONE!” – Tony Brigmon


[Stress Management] “Laugh More, Stress Less: The Magic of Fun in Stress Management!”

In this captivating message, Tony Brigmon reveals the secrets to managing stress with the magical power of FUN!

During his time as the “Ambassador of Fun” at Southwest Airlines, Tony developed innovative stress management programs for employees as part of their customer care and employee development initiatives.

In an industry known for its high stress levels, Southwest Airlines discovered that by infusing FUN into their work culture, they were able to transform stress into opportunities for exceptional customer service and unparalleled productivity.

Through Tony’s guidance, attendees will discover how to revitalize themselves through fun, positivity, and laughter, while also gaining valuable strategies for reducing and managing stress in both their professional and personal lives.

These stress management strategies are based on the acronym S.T.R.E.S.S., making them easy to remember.

“A spoonful of FUN helps the stress go down. So, let’s spread the FUN around!” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Teamwork] “Breaking the Mold with Serious Fun for Exceptional Results!”

Back in the 1980s, Southwest Airlines knew that fun was no joke – it was serious business. They discovered that injecting a bit of fun into the workplace could lead to some seriously impressive outcomes.

And that’s exactly what Tony Brigmon teaches to groups today – positivity, fun, conflict prevention, and effective teamwork.

Drawing from his experience as the “Ambassador of Fun” at Southwest Airlines, Tony shares the secrets to creating a work environment that is not only fun and profitable, but also fosters positivity, motivation, and collaboration among team members.

By implementing the principles he helped develop at Southwest in their customer care, employee development programs, Tony shows how every individual can contribute to a workplace where everyone is engaged, teams are energized, and success is inevitable.

Learn from Tony’s years of expertise in speaking, researching, and training. Elevate your employees’ skills, eliminate conflict and negativity, and cultivate a positive atmosphere that drives performance to new heights.

“Why settle for average when you can have extraordinary? Invite input, unleash creativity, and witness the mind-blowing output!” ~ Tony Brigmon


[Your Special Messages] “Elevate Your Special Messages with the Ambassador of FUN as Your Messenger”

Let Tony be the messenger to deliver your special messages in a powerful way.

By sharing “inside information” with Tony, you can help him better connect with your attendees, making them more receptive to the messages presented and more likely to act on what they hear.

“If your message is delivered on the wings of fun and answers the age-old question, ‘What ‘s in it for me?’, they won’t shoot the messenger. Let your messenger be me.” ~ Tony Brigmon

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