FUN-omenal™ is pronounced the same as phenomenal. Google defines phenomenal as ``very remarkable; extraordinary.`` I define FUN-omenal™ as ``WAY better than phenomenal; funtastic; funtabulous; best of the best.`` Now, you know. So, go be FUN-omenal™!

– Tony Brigmon

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The FUN-omenal™ Workplace

``Energizing People & Culture with the Positive Power of FUN!``

Tony Brigmon is serious about having fun. Serious fun with serious results. As a result of his questionable spelling skills, Tony learned at an early age that his name spelled backward is “YNOT.”

As in, “YNOT” learn how to use “fun” to get more done and bring out the best in everyone? “Fun” was the power of “positivity” that helped catapult a small carrier into a force that changed the airline industry.

The FUNomenal™ Workplace presentation (live and virtual) is built upon the foundation of the 3-E‘s (Energize-Engage-Enrich) and the 3-Views (PreView. HereView. ReView) Learn how these FUNOMENAL best practices make you funomenal, too, and irresistibly attractive in your communication with others. Yes, you can do this!

“You can have more FUN, get more DONE, and bring out the best in everyone. So, YNOT?” – Tony Brigmon

The FUN-omenal™ Way

``Proven Principles to Help You Not Just Survive But Prevail Through Any Challenge!``

“Herb Kelleher knew that if people are bound by love, are empowered to do the right thing, have the freedom to be themselves, follow the Golden Rule, work hard, have fun, remain humble — then they would be prepared to not just survive, but prevail through any challenge.” – Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines CEO

Based on Tony’s first-hand observations of eight proven Resilience Principles in play at Southwest Airlines that helped catapult a small carrier into a force that changed the airline industry, Tony shows how any organization can adopt and adapt them to prevail through any challenge today.

“Once you KNOW the Way, it’s your responsibility to SHOW the Way, and be the BEST you can be every day!” – Tony Brigmon


``How to Use the Power of FUN to Enliven the Mind for the Best of Times!``

Tony Brigmon is serious about FUN

As the former Ambassador of FUN for the highly successful Southwest Airlines, Tony saw first-hand how “Fun” was the power of “positivity” that helped catapult a small carrier into a force that changed the airline industry! 

In this delightfully entertaining presentation, Tony shares how to improve brain health and brain power through the power of FUN. Studies show when you make time for fun or play, everything else goes better in your day — you are 31% more productive, 37% more persuasive in communication, and 19% faster and more accurate diagnosing problems so you can deal with them more effectively. Participants will learn how to use Tony’s signature S.M.I.L.E. Positivity Best Practices (Smile Stories, Smile Pictures, Smile Quotes, Smile Songs, and Smile Deeds) to enliven the mind for the best of times!

“The MAIN THANG is to keep the MAIN THANG the MAIN THANG — and that’s the MAIN THANG!” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Leadership

``How to Lead Self, Lead Others, And Lead the Business``

Tony shares his personal observations of  “Team Dream – Dream Team” leadership behaviors modeled by the Co-founder of Southwest Airlines Herb Kelleher. Tony teaches leaders how to create a fun, profitable work environment where employees/teams are internally energized to do their best, work with each other productively, and in a positive environment that’s good for employees, leaders, and customers.

Fun was serious business at Southwest because Fun creates serious results, and that is what Tony teaches leaders.

Learn leadership best-practices from Southwest Airlines to raise the bar on your own leadership competencies, your own management skills, and the positive tone you set as a leader. Work with and better inspire your employees to greater levels of performance to create leaders who lead by creating seriously fun and effective collaboration between you and employees and teams using proven Positivity Best Practices!

“If the Dream is not a Team Dream, you cannot have a Dream Team. But what you will have is a Nightmare, only this one will be Real.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Innovation

``In a High-Performance Team Environment``

This is what they did at Southwest, they created a culture where people were in a “state of positive” (which is how Tony Brigmon defines “fun”) so each person could apply their unique abilities to be more creative/innovative with team members, customers, or problems that came up.  That positive mindset allowed their people to come up with better ways of doing things faster than the competition.  And, that mindset allowed them to handle the negatives better and get through them more quickly than who they competed against.

At Southwest “fun” was “positivity at work” that produced real results.  Tony was a key driver for Southwest’s culture and would leverage off his experience there to engage the group, helped to get their buy-in and receptivity for this, and show them how to better create that environment themselves and with each other (where creativity and innovation can really develop and be fostered – individually and in a high-performance team environment).

All of Tony’s programs are delivered on the wings of engaging stories, interactive fun, proven positivity best practices, and corporate-friendly humor.

“Innovation: To see what others see and then imagine what others don’t. You can do this. Imagine that.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Attitude & Employee Engagement

``A Check-up From the Neck-up!``

Tony Brigmon is an astute observer of super-performance behavior and employee engagement and what drives both.

This program is based on Tony’s personal observations of irresistibly attractive attitudes at Southwest Airlines and elsewhere and how attitude indeed affects altitude. Tony shares proven Best Practices that spark positive can-do/will-do/get ‘er done attitudes.

“It’s not latitude and longitude but attitude that determines altitude. Choose a good one today.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Stress Management

``The Power of Positivity to Boost Happiness and Manage Stress!``

In this engaging presentation, Tony Brigmon shares how to manage stress with the positive power of FUN!

When Tony was at Southwest Airlines as their official “Ambassador of Fun”, he delivered creative stress management programs for employees as part of their customer care/employee development programs.

It was well needed as Southwest dealt in one of the highest stress industries in the world. Thanks to the power of FUN, they found creative ways to turn the negatives of stress into positives of outrageous customer service and legendary productivity.

This helped them create an environment where fun, positivity, and laughter reigned in their ‘Have more fun, get more done, and bring out the best in everyone” culture.

Attendees will learn how to re-energize through the power of fun, positivity, and laughter and learn ways to decrease and manage stress in their work and life!

“A spoon full of good HUMOR helps the stress go down. So, spread the FUN around!” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Communication

``How to Talk so People Will Listen, Listen so People Will Talk, and Cultivate Enriching Relationships!``

This program is about how to become irresistibly attractive in your communication with others.  And it’s easy when you know how to COMMUNICATE to energize, CONNECT to engage, and CULTIVATE shared knowledge to enrich.

Some great teachers taught Tony how to do this. He can teach you. It’s what he does. The more he gets to share the more alive he becomes which means the better you’ll get at communicating with you know who. Woohoo.

“What you fail to communicate clearly, you will pay for dearly.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Culture

``Your Have Fun, Get-er-Done Culture of Success!``

Southwest Best-Practices brought to your organization. Are We Having FUN, Yet?: You’re in for some bonafide serious results and serious FUN when Tony Brigmon, “The Ambassador of FUN,” brings his refreshing and unique motivational messages that are interactive and mixed with fun and energizing music.

He teaches audiences to get more energized (with shared goals), more engaged in their work (with mutual respect) and teaches ways to enrich each other (through shared knowledge) to create a happier more productive culture that helps to attract and retain top talent.

“When you combine FUN with Shared Goals, Shared Goals, and Mutual Respect, you create an unstoppable momentum of SUCCESS.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Productivity

``The Preview. The Here-View. The Review``

This program is filled with Best Practice ideas from Tony’s Southwest Airlines experience and elsewhere on how to get everyone on the same page so they pull together not apart, deal effectively with challenges, and learn from positive and negative experiences – for optimum personal and team productivity.

“Productivity Accountability: What are your plans? Will you let me know? When’s a good time? How did it go? Repeat often. Praise.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Change

``Nothing Changes Until Something Changes``

And nothing changes for BETTER until something changes for BETTER. During this presentation Tony shares best practices on navigating change and directing a team in a turbulent environment.

He includes his personal observations about innovative change at Southwest Airlines and how embracing it allowed Southwest to keep reinventing themselves to keep them ahead of the competition. This gave them what their competition called an ‘unfair advantage’. People will support the change they help create.

Tony will share how to apply this principle to help your team innovate and embrace positive change.

“You inspire positive change by sharing beliefs, not by making demands.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ CARE: Caring for Self, Internal Customers, and External Customers!

``The CARE Principle!``

Have you ever wondered, “Who cares?”

Tony Brigmon, Former Southwest Airlines Official “Ambassador of FUN”, shows you how to increase personal effectiveness through “Caring for Self” — spark employee morale/motivation, stimulating team-building, and enhance relationships and partnerships through “Caring for Internal Customers” — and enhance the customer service experience through “Caring for External Customers”.

This helps to get groups motivated to raise the bar on themselves, keep each other accountable and reach peak performance at work while having more fun too!

“They don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care about them. Show it so they know it. They’ll help you grow it.” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Teamwork

``Team Dream - Dream Team Teamwork``

Fun was serious businesses at Southwest because Southwest learned that fun creates serious results, and that is what Tony teaches groups – staying positive, having fun, preventing conflict, and working together better.

Based on principles he helped to lead, research, and spearhead at Southwest Airlines (as their internal and external “Ambassador of Fun”), Tony teaches how everyone can contribute to create a fun, profitable work environment where each individual is positive and internally motivated and teams are energized to work with each other productively, in a positive environment that’s good for employees, leaders, and customers.

Learn teamwork best-practices from Southwest Airlines and Tony’s years of experience speaking/researching and training to raise the bar on your employees’ competencies, to avoid and prevent conflict and reject negativity, to improve employees skill sets, and improve the positive tone they hold each other accountable to.

Work with and better inspire each other to greater levels of performance to create individuals who work together to create seriously fun and effective collaboration using proven Best Practices observed at Southwest Airlines!

“People will support what they help create. So, invite their input. You’re gonna LOVE the output!” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Sales

``If You Don't Know S.A.L.E.S. You Don't Know Sales``

This program is based on ideas that work from Tony’s years of experience at Southwest Airlines. Tony’s program helps audiences have fun, stay positive, maintain momentum and grow sales.

Tony knows sales audiences don’t want fluff, they want stuff (best practices ideas) that work, that are relevant and that they can use immediately. That’s what Tony delivers.

Tony Brigmon brings the best of Southwest Airlines culture, innovation, and creative approach to sales to your sales team. Tony shares his fun, interactive sales presentation based on the proven S.A.L.E.S. formula (developed on Southwest best-practices and his own training/consulting with sales audiences) for finding out what people want and giving it to them in an irresistibly attractive way.

In this presentation, Tony would include ideas to help sales professionals: keep themselves energized, keep each other energized, and stay energized to move the organization towards increased profitability.

“People will act right now on a solution to their biggest challenge. Identify it. Relate your product or service to that. Ka-Ching!” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Safety

``Safety Slide or Safety Pride?``

Tony says, “It’s not what we don’t know that gets us in trouble. It’s what we forget when we’re under stress or that we let slide when we’re in a hurry.”

The details count and those details reinforced by a safety culture helped to make Southwest Airlines the “safest” Airline with the least amount of delays and highest satisfaction from customers (as rated by the FAA year after year).

This program supports an organization in doing the same things well: attaining the highest safety rating while maintaining on-time performance and internal/external satisfaction. And, Tony says “It’s the Southwest Way: let’s have fun while we’re doing it”!

Tony has trained and worked with all levels of employees at Southwest – everyone from the airplane mechanic to the CEO. He learned how to relate to anyone and bring his signature humor, positivity and practicality to sometimes a technical or heavy topic of safety.

In this unique and refreshing safety presentation, Tony shares the S.A.F.E. formula and draws from his experience in human behavior and from some of the best practices he learned at the safest carrier in the country: Southwest Airlines.

The goals of the session are to create a positive safety culture – that gets your team back to work, re-energized to take ownership, to work together, to do what they know and build on it while holding each other accountable (in a positive way) to be safe at work, every time.

Safety starts with the details. Southwest is the only domestic airline carrier that takes their planes completely apart and puts them back together, to make sure they are perfectly assembled, with every part tested, and every part working properly.

The equipment is sound. In flight, every airplane has two pilots – they’re a team, that works together in a focused positive way. They hold each other accountable to do what needs to be done, to do it well, and do it efficiently and to keep people safe, every time.

That level of ownership, engagement, and safety (in flight and with equipment) is only found in the airline industry at Southwest. It’s the safety culture that makes the difference.

Tony brings humor, stories, and practical safety ideas to your attendees in this engaging safety presentation.

“Until you make it safe for everyone, you can’t get the best from everyone. Make it SAFE. Make it FUN. Get it DONE!” – Tony Brigmon

FUN-omenal™ Ethics

``High-Road Ethics or Low-Road Consequences?``

When Southwest Airlines was in its infancy they faced an ethical decision. Their king of the hill competitors Braniff International and Texas International had begun to engage in unethical behavior (dirty tricks) like booking bogus reservations on Southwest flights in an attempt to shoot Southwest out of the air before they even got off the ground.

So, the decision for Southwest was “Do we reciprocate the bad or elevate the good?” They choose the latter and the rest is history. Texans rallied behind Southwest’s underdog role in this fight and Braniff and Texas International not only lost the fight, but they also lost the war. Both went bankrupt. Neither exists today.

It’s true. The high road doesn’t end in low places. And the low road cannot take you to or keep you in high ones.

In this presentation, Tony will share how to use the power of The Preview-The View-The Review to get everyone on board with an agreed-upon, high road moral code of ethical behavior to ensure high road success and avoid low road consequences.

“There’s no such thing as a little lie. Once discovered, it’s enough to turn a firehose of doubts on every truth expressed.” – Tony Brigmon