Introduction of Tony Brigmon: SPEAKER

Option One: (Preferred) Rather than have someone r-e-a-d Tony’s introduction, please go with this unique alternative to set an immediate fun tone. It works, but only 100% of the time.

The Master of Ceremonies would simply say:

“We have Tony Brigmon’s best friend here with us today, and he knows Tony a LOT better than I do, so I’d like to invite him to come up and introduce the program for us. Here’s Tony’s best friend!”

Tony comes to the podium and introduces his best friend, the real “Tony Brigmon”. Tony gives the official introduction (See option 2), which means the Meeting Planner/Emcee has one less thing to worry about.

After Tony’s short introduction steps away from the podium as if to sit down and then abruptly returns to the podium waving as the real “Tony”. *** Audiences love this surprise beginning as it sets an immediate “fun tone” for the program.

*** YES, this intro “works” even when attendees meet Tony before his program, because when the intro begins it creates a fun anticipation as to who is the REAL Tony.

Option Two: Have someone read Tony's introduction.

Our guest speaker is Tony Brigmon, the former Ambassador of FUN for the highly successful Southwest Airlines.

Tony’s friend and attorney Rob Ghio summed him up best with these words.

“I’ve seen Tony interact with people as a speaker, as a member of a group, and on an individual coaching basis. In all of these environments, Tony creates a positive, supportive and encouraging “zone” around him.

“Once you enter that zone, you know that three things are going to happen.

“First, you are going to have fun. Second, you are going to see things in a new and more positive way. And third, you are going to walk away feeling a whole lot better about who you are and what you can accomplish.” – Rob Ghio, Attorney with Dismuke & Waters, P.C.

After conceiving a unique way to generate PR for Southwest Airlines as a keynote speaker and creating a highly successful way to present employee-development and customer-care principles to Southwest employees, Tony Brigmon became their “Ambassador of FUN.”

Tony has earned recognition nationally and internationally through the success of his interactive presentations. Since 1977, he has made over 1,700 presentations to more than 2 million attendees.

Speaking on “Are We Having FUN, Yet?”, please help me welcome the Ambassador of FUN, Tony Brigmon! H-E-R-E’S Tony!!!

(Go with option one. It’s more fun!)