The Foundation of the Southwest Airlines Culture with Tony Brigmon

Can you have fun and make money? Southwest Airlines says YES, you can and shows us how it’s done.

This week Quint hosts Tony Brigmon, the former “ambassador of fun” at Southwest Airlines. Tony worked closely with Herb Kelleher, former Southwest CEO, to create a legendary business culture that totally disrupted the airline industry.

Tony describes how Herb’s uncanny ability to connect with and engage employees created a culture that led to outrageously great customer service, legendary productivity, and profitability.

“Tony, I just want to say thank you. I just finished up listening to you and Quint talk on his PODCAST. I enjoyed the entire listen. I have my notes down and plan on talking about this to my co-workers. Empowering them to do the right thing. Serious Fun Serious Results! We are going to be going into a new stadium later this year and I feel we have set this culture in right away. Thank you again. Have a great day!” – Riley Gostisha, Gateway Professional Baseball (Beloit Snappers)

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