First choice: Lavaliere mic and a backup hand-held wireless microphone at the podium.

Second choice: Lavaliere mic and a backup hand-held microphone (with cable), with adjustable floor stand.

Podium Icon


Podium or small table in front of the room.

Tony needs enough space for his notes and his small Sony Walkman mp3 player.

Extension Cord

Please request of your venue an extension cord that will accommodate up to three separate plugs.

Music Playback

Tony uses a Sony Walkman MP3 player with auxiliary out to share music. Please advise the audio-visual folks so they can arrange to connect Tony’s mp3 player to the house PA system.

Or, a second microphone can be placed in front of Tony’s U2 Boom mini speaker which he always brings with him. For a small audience (less than 100), the U2 Boom speaker is sufficient for music playback.


Tony must be able to reach his mp3 player from the podium or a small table while he’s speaking. Thank you.

Tony is very flexible and will work with you, so you and your attendees have the best experience.

Please feel free to call Tony at 469-826-8792 or email him at to*********@gm***.com. Thanks.

PowerPoint Resource

Most Meeting Planners like to have a PowerPoint slide projected onscreen during Tony’s presentation to help position him for credibility purposes with the audience.

Just click on the “Download PowerPoint” button to download the PowerPoint slide and you should be good to go.

Jpeg of PowerPoint Slide