“No matter where you go, there you are. No matter where you are, be there, paying attention to what you’re doing in the HERE and NOW— breathing, smiling, listening, learning, helping, and growing.”

Let's Toggle!

How far can a dog run into the woods?

Half-way. The other half, the dog is running OUT of the woods. Now you know.

Death is like what?

What if death is like walking into another room where there is no physical pain? I believe it is. When my time comes to leave this room, I’ll be in the other room, pain-free.

When an urge shows up, what will happen if you do nothing?

The urge will go away AFTER screaming for you to feed it with your attention. Don’t. Be still. Breathe. Do nothing. Watch what happens. Wow. So, nothing can really be SOMETHING? Yeah, when it comes to an urge to do something you’ll regret later.

What are the 3-E's to have more FUN, get more DONE, and bring out the BEST in everyone?

  1. Energize Self with Positive Thoughts and Actions
  2. Engage Others and Tasks with Your Full Attention
  3. Enrich with Shared Knowledge

What are the 3-Views for having a Great Day?

  1. PreView: This is your “back to the Future” FUNomenal way to start your day. What do you see as you “look back” on today? What did you do that you feel good about? What happened that you hoped would happen? See it. Feel it. Pay attention to impressions that follow your preView and act immediately on them!
  2. Now-View: This is your invitation to be HERE all the way through today, noticing what you notice here and acting on impressions that feel right now.
  3. ReView: This your opportunity to learn and grow from what happened today. How did it go? What was good? What could be better? What did you learn? What’s your plan for better?