S.M.I.L.E. Positivity Best Practices


(They Put Your Brain in a State of Positive!)

FUNomenal™ Goal: Record a Minimum of Six Positives a Day 

S – SMILE and Wave.

  • Name three things you have to be grateful for that you would miss if you no longer had them and why. Say, “Thank You” after each one. 
  • Think of something that made you smile or laugh out loud. 
  • Think of something you are looking forward to. Calendar it if applicable.

M – Make Their Day.

  • Ask, “Who can I help, praise, congratulate, wish well, or thank?” Notice what name comes to mind.
  • Pay them a visit, give them a call, text them, email them, or send them a handwritten note. 

I – It Would Be Great If … What?

  • What would be GREAT? (Yes, you can have FUN with this!)
  • Name three outcomes you want today. (Example: I got started. I kept going. It all worked out.)
  • Envision what you want as already true. Then, say, “Thank You” for what is already yours in the future.

 L – Look for the Good. Share it.

  • If you’re with someone, ask yourself, “What’s good about her or him?” Share the good you see in them.
  • What’s good in your life right now?
  • What was GOOD about today? 

E – Easy Does It. Be Here. NOW. Paying Attention.

  • There’s only ONE thing to do. The next ONE thing.
    Where am I? (
  • What am I doing? (This)
  • Describe it: “I am ….”

    “What you consciously do, you do better. The wandering mind is an unhappy mind. No matter where you go, there you are. So, be here. Now.”