S.M.I.L.E. NOW Journal


The S.M.I.L.E. NOW Goal is to Record a Minimum of Six Positives a Day to have more FUN, get more DONE, and bring out the BEST in everyone!

Morning Steps

S – Smile and wave. Put your brain in a state of positive with Gratitude. (Energize)

Throughout the day, ask: What reason do I have to feel grateful right NOW, right HERE? Your brain will come up with an answer. Say Thank you.

End of day, ask: What do I have that I would I miss if I no longer had it? Add three new things to your 21-day Gratitude list. Say Thank You.

M – Make someone’s day. (Engage)

Who can I praise (commend, compliment, congratulate), wish well, or thank? (Choose one)

Pause and send a text, email, or handwritten note to one person. Now. Everyone has done something or has a quality about them, that is praiseworthy; Something coming up that’s important to them; Something to be thanked for. Praise them. Wish them well. Thank them.

I – It would be great if … [What would I like to be true?] (The Preview)

What would be great? (Yes, you can have fun with this! Record one to three things.)


Evening Steps

L – Look for the GOOD. Write it. (The Review)

What was good about today? (Record 1 to 3 things)

E – Enrich each other. Share what you learn. (Enrich)

What did I learn today from what went well and not so well? (Record one to three things.)


Access the WOW in NOW to be the best YOU. Studies show a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Match your thoughts to what you’re DOING NOW for peace of mind and contentment. Plus, what you consciously do, you do better. WOW. (The View)

What am I doing right now? I am ___.

FUNomenal™ "Texas 2-Step" Version

I – It would be great if … [What would I like to be true?] (Preview) 

What would be great? (Yes, you can have fun with this. Record one to three things.)

L – Look for the GOOD. Write it. (Review)

What was good about today? (Record 1 to 3 things)