S.M.I.L.E. Positivity Best Practices


Put Your Brain in a State of Positive!

FUNomenal™ Goal: Record a Minimum of Six Positives a Day 

SSMILE and Wave.

  • Name three things you have to be grateful for that you would miss if you no longer had them and why. Say, “Thank You” after each one. 
  • Think of something that made you smile or laugh out loud. 
  • Think of something you are looking forward to. Calendar it if applicable.

M Make Their Day.

  • Ask, “Who can I help, praise, congratulate, wish well, or thank?” Notice what name comes to mind.
  • Pay them a visit, give them a call, text them, email them, or send them a handwritten note. 

I It Would Be Great If … What?

  • What would be GREAT? (Yes, you can have FUN with this!)
  • Name three outcomes you want today. (Example: I got started. I kept going. It all worked out.)
  • Envision what you want as already true. Act immediately on the impressions that come to you.

 L Look for the Good. Share it.

  • Share the good you see in others with them to make their day. Ask yourself, “What’s good about this person?” Share what you like about them.
  • Name three things that are good in your life right now.
  • Name three things that were good about today. 

EEasy Does It. There’s only ONE thing to do: the next one thing. 

  • Ask: “What’s the next one thing to do right now?”
  • Bring your full attention to what you’re doing now: “I am ….”
  • What you consciously do, you do better.*** Research shows that within four to five days, reflecting on the positive leads to noticing more positives. Clinical trials show that people who do this for fourteen days, have less burnout, and depression, a better work-life balance, less conflict at school, or work, and a higher level of happiness.And the really cool thing is that the results from those fourteen days can last for six months, or more.

    “When you S.M.I.L.E., you have more FUN, you get more DONE, and it brings out the BEST in everyone, so YNOT?” ~ Tony Brigmon