EntreCon® 2020 Business & Leadership Conference

Featured Virtual Speaker: Tony Brigmon, Ambassador of FUN.
Topic: “FUNomenal™Care: Caring for Self, Internal, and External Customers!”

Feedback from Meeting Planners and Attendees…


“Despite being virtual, Tony fully engaged the audience and got them laughing and learning.”

The Purpose of Our Meeting/Event/Conference?

29 States. 86 Cities. 530 leaders. EntreCon® Business and Leadership Conference is an annual event designed to strengthen skills, improve business growth, renew momentum and develop and deepen relationships. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people.

What We Wanted in a Speaker?
We wanted a speaker with real world experience in the workplace, who could relate to attendees and authentically share experiences, stories, success and struggles. The goal was for people to walk away with actionable insights to help them improve the way they live, lead or do business.

What We Got With Tony?
Tony was a joy to work with. He spent time to learn about our goals, who the attendees would be and tailored his content to speak specifically to them. 2020 was a challenging year and Tony went above and beyond to work in our virtual conference platform.

Despite being virtual, Tony fully engaged the audience and got them laughing and learning. His presentation was excellent!

Additional Comments
Thank you, Tony, for being such a positive influence and challenging us to “Think Beyond” the way we currently work to do things, to do them differently, valuing people more and putting the fun back in what we do!

Rachael Gillette, Chief Leadership Development Officer, RGILLETTE@STUDERI.ORG


“Tony knocked it out of the park. He was funny, inspiring and knowledgeable.” 

We are always looking for keynote speakers who bring a mix of inspiration and tactical advice to business leaders of all levels to help them grow and be the best version of themselves.

Tony was an absolute trooper. Going virtual with this year’s conference provided many extra hurdles to jump over with technology — Tony knocked it out of the park. He was funny, inspiring and knowledgeable. The crowd loved engaging with him!

Morgan Milbradt, Training and Marketing Coordinator, Studer Community Institute, mmilbradt@studeri.org

“It was fantastic in every way. You have set bar so high for future keynotes we invite.”

It was fantastic in every way. The time went by so quickly and I was looking forward to another 45 minutes. On behalf of Pensacola International Airport, thank you for your willingness to work with us. You have set the bar so high for future keynotes we invite. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Lewis Garvin, Airport Marketing Manager, Pensacola International Airport, lgarvin@cityofpensacola.com


“Engaging, lively and knowledgeable. Entertaining keynote. We have received such positive feedback from his session.”

“Each year we hold a conference for small businesses to build their skillsets. We wanted someone who was engaging, lively and knowledgeable.

Tony was all of the above. He learned our virtual conference platform and provided such an entertaining keynote. We have received such positive feedback form his session.

Quint Studer, Founder, Studer Community Institute, quint@quintstuder.com

Live Chat Comments from Attendees: 

  • Makenna.Curtis: So many good things! Thank you all for sharing! 
  • Makenna.Curtis: Great tip! 
  • AngelaCollins: LOL 
  • KolleenChesley: Hilarious!! 
  • MonicaWright: lol 
  • NicoleWebbBodie: New dating game! 
  • MeganTodd: hahaha 
  • MadrinaCiano: FUNNY 
  • MonicaWright: New dating game for sure!!!  
  • RandyRamos: That’s Funny 
  • BridgetMiddleton: What a wonderful message in today’s world!
  • GretchenClarke: WOW, so insightful! 
  • KolleenChesley: Love the “leave” and “stay” question! 
  • DanielPennington: Kolleen I do too, great stuff
  • QuintStuder: tony and attendees. thank you for taking time to be together 
  • DanielPennington: Thanks for bringing Tony in 
  • NicoleWebbBodie: Love this! SMILE 
  • AnnieJenkins: Thank you Tony! Love Fun and to smile. 
  • LauraSwann: You have made us all so happy, thank you, Tony! 
  • MarkKilcawley: thanks for sharing Tony. 
  • DanielPennington: Tony…thanks for being here…and telling these great stories. I’ve learned a great deal 
  • barbarapayne: LOVE! 
  • HollyRamsey: Tony Brigmon is awesome! I could listen to him all day!!!! 
  • Makenna.Curtis: Thank you Tony! 
  • MadrinaCiano: Great inspiration 
  • Morgan.Milbradt: Thank you Tony! 
  • LisaLong: Awesome, Tony! 
  • KATHLEENSHOOP: Awesome! 
  • MarthaMiller214: he was awesome! I love the positivity!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • ElizabethMcKinney: Wonderful Tony! 
  • barbarapayne: Great moves Tony! 
  • Stephana.Gaudin: THANK YOU TONY!!! 
  • MacCarpenter: awesome presentation! 
  • DonnaKirby: Awesome, Tony – thank you! 
  • KathleenCadwell: that is beautiful! 
  • MonicaWright: I am LOVING this presentation 
  • NicoleWebbBodie: being grateful is powerful 
  • DanielPennington: I love that, “Thank You” 
  • EnaFloyd-Johnson: Thank you, Brigmon! 
  • barbarapayne: Love that, thankyou ! 
  • NicoleWebbBodie: I need all the motivation to workout! “thank you!” 
  • NicoleWebbBodie: haha 
  • Geo: feed the good dog 
  • Makenna.Curtis: one of my favorites! 
  • QuintStuder: won’t you be my neighbor 
  • FrancesCutshaw: incredibly beautiful story 
  • RandyRamos: We all need more Tony 
  • LouvimindaDonado: Love the Mr. Rogers story!! 
  • ChandaRyan: Love that story! 
  • WillDunaway: Wonderful story 
  • LaToyaWade: Heartwarming story
  • DanielPennington: The most important person in the world is the one right in front of you right now 
  • BeckyMarcus: Love that! 
  • MichaelAnnRiley: Thank you Tony! 
  • LakeshaDavis: awesome! 
  • DondieRoper: Awesomeness! 
  • KariHeidenreich: Thank you Tony! 
  • KimTatone: Amazing!! THank you! 
  • ChristinaPowers: Thank you Tony!! 
  • Makenna.Curtis: Incredible way to start the day! 
  • AndrewRothfeder: thanks Tony! 
  • MeganTodd: fantastic! amazing presentation, soooo much good info 
  • AmeliaDixon: Fabulous ideas! Such a great presentation 
  • LaToyaWade: Tony provided a lot of food for thought 
  • MardiaShands778: Awesome Tony! 
  • GregLiebbe: Thank you Tony! 
  • WillDunaway: outstanding 
  • MeredithCrawford: Easy does it. 
  • Mollie.Stanford: thank you, Tony – there are so many great activities to share with my leaders to connect us more regularly and in a fun way!