Tony Brigmon

“If your message is delivered on the wings of fun and answers the age-old question, 'What 's in it for me?', they won't shoot the messenger. Let your messenger be me.”

– Tony Brigmon

The “inside information” you share here will help Tony connect better with your attendees so they are more receptive to messages presented and more likely to act on what they hear.

NO, you don’t have to fill in ALL the boxes. <smiling> Just a few required ones *(red asterisk) and those you feel are important. YES, you can do this. Really.

``Inside Information`` for Tony

Your Special Messages
Come on. You gotta call it something. You can do this. Really.
Don't have one? No problem.
A brief description of who will be in attendance and the product or service they support or provide.
What's important to them? What do they really care about, or have concerns about overall?
Work-related challenges. Ideal scenario if these were resolved. What would it look like?
What are they doing now or have done that you feel good about that I can acknowledge? (Improvements they've made in the industry, life, or for the company)
Anything they can relate to and laugh about that Tony can reference.
What's the MAIN thing you want them to remember? What would you like to see them START doing, STOP doing, CONTINUE doing?
What specifically do you want your attendees to do during and after this conference?
You're almost done. The journey of a 1000 miles begins and ends with ... yep ... one step. Just one more to go. Finish strong.
See that FUNomenal™ Send button? Click it and your DONE. Hey, DONE is fun!

Let’s create YOUR FUN-OMENAL™ Workplace experience.

YNOT arrange to have Tony Brigmon teach you and your team how the power of fun can help you get more done, bring out the best in everyone, and make you irresistibly attractive in your communication with others. You can do this. So, YNOT?