``Most Wanted`` - Hottest Speakers On The Circuit Right Now

by Terrance Baker, Editor
Meeting & Conventions Magazine

Mark Twain once said It takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. While even the most gifted presenter has to work at it, some are naturals at the podium, quickly capturing the crowd’s attention and leaving a lasting impression on every listener.

Because speakers with such talent are all too rare, their reputations spread quickly, and their calendars fill just as quickly. Who’s at the top of the game right now?

Meetings and Conventions asked some of the nation’s leading speakers bureaus to name their hottest presenters. The result is a selection of in-demand speakers to suit a range of interests and budgets. A bit of advice: Book early. (Note: Many speakers are represented by multiple bureaus.)

Tony Brigmon, Ambassador of FUN

Tony Brigmon once took a huge leap into the unknown and presented the president of then-emerging Southwest Airlines with a novel way of increasing marketing efforts and sales. From that daring move came a new post at the airline, and a now-flourishing career in public speaking.

Initially working in Southwest’s customer care and employee development areas, Brigmon became the self-styled Ambassador of Fun, helping the corporate culture reward humor and creativity. His interactive presentations show there’s a place, even a need for levity in any business situation. Audiences learn to stay focused under stress, build team spirit and morale, and increase productivity.