The purpose of our conference: US Probation and Pretrial Services District Meeting

What we wanted in a speaker: Fun, entertaining, enlightening, and thought provoking.

What we got with Tony: We got a WOW moment! Tony not only entertained, but he left the room with a true sense that, although work MUST be done, there is always a way to make it FUN. It just takes a little innovative thinking and the realization that we must embrace our differences.

Recommend Tony? Absolutely, and without reservation! I’m had the good fortune to see Tony speak on several occasions, and his content, personality, and genuine love for what he does come across powerfully every time.

Tony is truly one of a kind. Tony’s message is thought provoking without being “preachy” and the time he is on stage flies by but leaves you wanting more!

Renae Garner, US Probation and Pretrial Services,