The purpose of our meeting/event/conference: Provide continuing medical education and networking opportunities for sonographers and other healthcare providers in the diagnostic medical sonography profession.

What we wanted in a speaker: We wanted someone who was encouraging, dynamic, motivating, and fun!

What we got with Tony: We GOT someone who was encouraging, dynamic, motivating, and fun! It’s been 10 years since a keynote speaker has received a standing ovation. We absolutely recommend Tony! Here are a few of the comments we received from our attendees.

“The speaker was very engaging and got the audience engaged! He was funny and kept your attention!”

“Captivating with a very funny, entertaining twist. Loved his use of music!”

“Outstanding and very timely to bring a different perspective on work and life balance”

“Awesome speaker! Such a fun presentation and got everybody together. I would love to hear him speak again!!”

Mary Rodriguez, CAE, Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Executive Director, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography,