The Purpose of Our Meeting Conference: Business development and encouragement conference.
What We Wanted in a Speaker: We wanted a positive and engaging keynote speaker and WOW did Tony knock it out of the park!!
What We Got With Tony: I couldn’t be happier with Tony’s presentation. He delivered FAR above what he promised. He promised FUN, and he delivered FUN, lots of laughs, a few tears, depth, engagement, insight, wisdom, emotion, and even friendship.
On a personal note, Tony and I sat down prior to the event for some final planning and I walked away with more “gold” than I could have ever expected. This presentation will stick with me and everyone who attended for years to come.
Anyone considering bringing Tony Brigmon in should know that they will get a seasoned professional that will establish rapport in a matter of seconds and carry that through to the very end and beyond.
They should also know that Tony bridges all possible divides, age, race, gender, background, and experience. Our event was a hybrid of in-person and virtual. Tony engaged those who weren’t even in the room with the same exhaustless energy that he gave to everyone in front of him.
Randall Chase, Executive Director, Cedar Hill Chamber Of Commerce,